Travel tips

travel tips

What type of trip are you planning? On this page, we explore some of the travel tips we consider to be fundamental to any trip planning. It is hard sometimes to navigate the web with all the information out there, one doesn’t know where to start. We offer you tips that range from how to travel responsibly, on how to save money while travelling, on how to travel on a budget, on how to avoid being scammed and many more.

Travel Tips for Vietnam
Travel tips for vietnam
Travel tips for argentina

partners in crime

This is a corner for our fellow travel buddies to have their voice heard and share their experience with you. You will find some useful information about places traveled, along with travel recommendations and suggestions to visit new places and try new activities.

Weekend in Kiev
Weekend in kiev
Surf and Yoga In Lanzarote
Surf & Yoga In Lanzarote

travel insights

Where is the next place you should visit? Are you an outdoor or nature lover? What is your budget and how much time do you have? Here, we will share a few suggestions and some other travel essentials.

Santorini - Mikonos
Where would you go on your next summer vacation?