Cycle to Victor’s Way Park – Staycation in Ireland 2020

Victor's Way A day trip from Dublin
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This year is all about Staycation in Ireland in 2020. Here, we share our cycle trip to Victor’s Way Park. This is a day trip that you can easily combine with other spots in Wicklow to visit.

A day trip from Dublin that will blow your Mind!

In our local escapades around Dublin by bike, we have found some very nice areas to visit. Here, we share with you our visit to the fascinating and mystic Indian Sculpture park called Victor’s Way, located in Co. Wicklow and open only during the summer months. It is a spiritual and visual journey. We went there during June, when strangely summer was present on the island.

We biking against strong headwinds, but when we arrived we felt like we were being transported to another era or dimension. 

Victor’s Way Park

Victor Way is a 22-acre park located in Wicklow and is surrounded by lush green forest and typical Irish countryside. The Irishman Victor Langheld designed and created the park as a place for contemplation and reflection. The park has a 2km path that cuts through it, passing sculptures of Hindu deities surrounded by open green fields, ponds and several small lakes. It makes you feel relaxed and at ease going through this well designed path.

The garden/park showcases sculptures, built in India and inspired by Hindu deities, ranging in height from 1.5 to 4.5 meters. The park, as explained by Victor himself “(…)was designed as a contemplative space for the wanderer (of any social or educational background) aged somewhere between 28 and 65, who needs to take some quality time out because he/she has arrived at a crossroad (…)”. The fee to enter the park is 5€, which is more of a donation than a ticket purchase, and is a way to cover maintenance fees. 

Different from other parks, Victor’s way appeals to a sense of introspection, natural beauty, and mindfulness about the world around you. We enjoyed it there for about 2h.

Cycle to Victor’s Way Park - Staycation in Ireland 2020

What will you find in the park?

The Park harbors about 14 pieces crafted over 20 years, which spread out through the park. These were inspired by Langheld’s travels to Asia, drawn from the eastern culture and showcasing a spiritual path to enlightenment. Even if you’re not in a reflection mood, Victor’s Way is a beautiful park that deserves a visit. It appeals to a sense of healing of the mind, body and spirit. The unusual entrance of the park shows two ladies on each side. They are set in what looks like a vaginal shape that you go through, representing the birth canal. This is a symbolic way to say leave your worries outside of the park and prepare to be reborn.

Two of the sculptures that we singled out

  • The Split Man: represents humans in their 30s and their inability or unwillingness to dedicate themselves to one goal, which will bring them happiness. As a result, this leads to a split of the soul that in turn leads to unhappiness and depression. The statue shows the man splitting in two and his face shows his inner agony as he rips himself. Brutal, honest and gutural, this statue is a real tale of the human experience. 
The Split Man - Cycle to Victor’s Way Park - Staycation in Ireland 2020
  • The Ferryman’s End: represents the icon of burnout, is set in algae covered waters. It symbolizes humans going through a midlife crisis. He is not content with what has come before and deems it worthless. In this context, he loses somewhat touch with reality and seeks to reach the unattainable, looking for a new direction. Only when he finds this new direction or he reaches a new sense of meaningfulness, he will arrive to shore.  
The Ferryman's End - Cycle to Victor’s Way Park - Staycation in Ireland 2020

How to get to Victor’s Way Park? How to cycle until there?

The best way to reach the park is by car.

However, we tried it by bike!  It is a distance of about 41km, so you have to get ready for a bit of a stretch. To get there by bike is easy enough but you have to consider two obstacles. First, part of the way goes the highway, which we thought not to be very safe. Second, the last 3km were a steep uphill in a narrow road, and we ended up holding up the traffic behind us. Nonetheless, we wanted the challenge and adventure, so we had to try it ourselves to see how it was and it was worth going there and visiting the park. 

Staycation Ireland 2020 Series

This is our second article from our Staycation Ireland 2020 series. If your curious you can check out our first article “3 Easy Cycle routes in and around Dublin- Staycation in Ireland 2020”

Stay tuned for the next staycation destination!

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