Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

Christmas gift guide for Travelers
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With Christmas around the corner, we thought of bringing to you a few gift suggestions for travel lovers, friends, family, and partners. A Christmas gift guide for Travelers it’s a list we came up with is a mix of practical and more inspirational options that can work for everyone and all budgets. We hope you can take some ideas out of it.

Practical Gifts

Logbook Christmas gifts for Travelers
Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

1. Logbook or Travel Journal

Maybe it is an old fashion item for some, but for us, it still offers the magic of capturing memories, thoughts, feelings, and experiences along one’s travels. You can even combine it with some pictures or drawings to illustrate the words. A logbook can also be very useful to write down specifics of prices, places you ate at, keep a note of the logistics so that then you can share them with others later on.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

2. International Travel Adapter charger

It has happened so many times that we forget to check the plug situation in the country we are going to visit or live in. A very useful tool that everyone needs.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

3. Solar power Phone charger

Nowadays, many people use their phone as a camera, so an extra source of power becomes very useful. This way you avoid being stranded without having a way to record what you are experiencing. You can give it to someone for his or her travels, even for daily commutes and small trips. There are different types of portable phone chargers out there, but why not try a more sustainable alternative like a solar power charger? Some multipurpose chargers function as both charger and flashlight.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

4. Memory Card + Memory card Holder

You always need an extra memory card, this is a great gift for photographers and you can add an organizer for all the memory cards that they may have. You can organize and label them inside nylon cases.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

5. Cable organizer bags

A bag to have all your cables in one place. This is very useful not only when you’re traveling, but also when you’re at home and want to keep them all together.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

6. Polaroid Camera

This is a great gift because it works as a camera and a souvenir at the same time. You can take 2 and give one to the people you’re with. Easy to share and remember.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

7. Coffee or tea thermos + mug

For the coffee & tea lovers, this is an awesome gift idea!  If you’re going for a bike ride, a hike, why not take a thermos with some nice hot drink that can keep it for hours. We even use it when we’re working at home. You can make a big coffee pot and pour the coffee inside the thermos so that it lasts. A coffee mug is a great gift if you personalize it with a photo e.g.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

8. Travel packing cubes

We don’t have them, but we think it’s a great idea to pack your stuff and keep it tidy in the suitcase or backpack. This is not for everyone, but some people will surely appreciate it.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

9. Hanging Toiletries Bag

Still, in the organization department, a toiletry bag can be quite useful as well, depending on the person you’re giving it to. They’re also a way to keep all your stuff tidy when traveling and hanging them in the bathroom of the place you’re at. You can also add some travel size toiletry items and make it a complete traveler’s gift.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

10. Personalized Photo Calendar

We gave it as a gift to our parents, family, and started doing it every year now. It can be full of pictures of your travels, as a way to remember where you’ve been and for others too. They liked it!

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

11. World light globe

Great décor item, that can feed anyone’s travel bug and make your place cozy.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

12. Travel Fund box

This is an easy way to boost any traveler’s dream places to go.

For our friends in Greece or for all of you who are having friends in Greece and you are thinking of gifts to send them, Have a look on , you can find some special gifts ideas.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

13. Daypack

This one is a harder one to give because you need to find the right color, size, and features. It is also a very useful and handy thing to give as a gift for anyone that travels a lot. Think of something multipurpose, that can last, and would fit them. In our travels, we always have a bigger backpack and a smaller one.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

14. Travel Hammock

We don’t have one, but we have seen pretty good ones that you can take with you, or hang in your living room. Granted you need to have some space but even to go to the park, can be a nice way to spend the day out, relaxing in the sun.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

15. Microfiber towels

These are very handy because they are light, they dry quickly, and can wash easily. You can find them for a cheap price in a lot of sports and outdoor shops.

Christmas gifts for Travelers 2020

16. Headlamp

Whether you’re riding your bike in the dark streets of Dublin when commuting during winter or looking for something in your house at night and you don’t want to turn up the big light, it’s always handy to have a headlamp with you.

17. Lightweight sleeping bags

Sleeping bags can be very useful not only for sleeping in tents, but also inside, if you don’t trust a room’s cleanliness, or if it’s too cold inside the place you’re at, there’s always a use for these.

18. E-readers

We are still fans of the good old paper book. The smell, the touch, the décor, a paper book can have multi use. However, when you’re traveling you want to keep it light, so an e-reader can be a good option, and nowadays there’s plenty of different ones you can choose from.

19. Travel experience (Gift voucher)

One of the best things you can offer to someone that they will always remember is a type of travel experience. These can range between: a stay in a nice hotel, a surfing and yoga camp, a spa day, a downhill biking pass, flying in a hot balloon, a skydiving experience, anything goes. You just need to know what that person likes, do your research, and find a good deal.

20. Gorilla pod

A type of tripod that is easy to carry and very handy. They come in different sizes, with different types of mounts depending on what you want to put on them: GoPro, phone, camera, etc. We got two of these by now and we have to say we’ve used them a lot. They bend and mold into different shapes, are lightweight and the grips can be attached to poles, trees, etc. They can fall and don’t break, so they are quite durable.

21. Travel Books

We have already made 3 good travel books to give, you can check them here.

22. Stainless steel water bottle

Drinking water is good for any and giving a durable water bottle is a good idea for anyone. We tried a brand called Klean Kanteen, which so far seems to be good. They are a bit pricey, but the material lasts. We travel with these everywhere we go. For our Greek friends, check out

23. Spare batteries

Travelers always need these accessories, especially if they are into photography. Apart from this, if you go for example to colder climates, the freezing temperatures will affect the batteries and these will lose their charge faster. Also, if you’re out and about somewhere remote, and no access to electricity is always good to have a backup.

24. Durable external hard drive

This is more of an addition to the post-travel period but sometimes you also need to carry one with you when traveling. It depends on how long you will be away or how many pics you will take. It’s important to check for durability, speed, and reliability as well. 

25. Lens filter kit

Continuing on the photography trend, for a photography lover it is a nice gift to give, filters can help make a scene darker in tough conditions. It’s not the cheapest gift, especially if you’re looking to give good quality filters, but it will make a good one for any photography lover. Don’t forget to know the right circumference for the specific lens.

We hope you got some inspiration and good ideas on the listed items above. Do you have any other ideas on gifts for travelers? Leave us a comment with these below. 

Stay tuned! Our coming article will be focused on some delicious Christmas food traditions.If you are one of the brave ones that will travel this Christmas, how about surf and yoga in Lanzarote?