8 ideas for Christmas gifts for Travelers 2021

Christmas Gifts 2021
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With Christmas around the corner, we thought of bringing you 8 ideas for Christmas gifts for travelers to end 2021 well. These are just a few ideas of what you can give to travel lovers, friends, family, and partners. A Christmas gift guide for Travelers that brings practical and more inspirational options for gifts that can work for everyone and all budgets. 

We hope you can take some ideas out of it.

1. Filtered water bottle

For the hikers and campers out there, a water filter bottle might be a good addition to their equipment. Some water bottles contain certain filters that purify the liquid directly once you pour it into the bottle, others do so when you drink it. There are different brands available and it is important to keep in mind the filter capacity, materials used, the taste, practical use of it, and also how to clean it.

2. Gift Cards for unique experiences

We live in unpredictable times, which might put you off on offering experiences to your loved ones or friends. At the same time as we consumers have adapted, so have companies offering these services. Some offer vouchers without limited time frames, which can be an ideal gift for people that are looking for new experiences. Consider fun things like: air balloon riding, downhill biking, surfing & yoga camp, flight simulation experience, glacier hiking or whiskey tasting.

You can even think of contributing to someone’s dream trip by checking travel companies that offer gift cards. Maybe you can’t offer the whole experience, but why not contribute to someone’s dream of a lifetime. One of these companies called Much Better Adventures (based in the UK) organizes different types of adventures that cater to all different schedules. You can go with them for a long weekend or 2 weeks trip all around the world.

3. Wireless noise cancellation earbuds for easy traveling

These are practical for running, traveling, hiking, talking with people, and also getting some peace of mind when sitting in an airplane with all sorts of loud distractions.

4. Smart luggage trackers

If you know of someone that is afraid to lose their luggage, perhaps turning to a GPS smart luggage tracker might be a solution.  There are different articles on the internet comparing the best types that are out there. Just do some research and you’ll find the right fit.

5. Self-defense LED flashlight

We thought a flashlight as a harmless but efficient tool to help you to get out of a hairy situation you never know you might find yourself in. A self defense flashlight usually has a higher lumen capacity (about 300 lumens) than a normal flashlight (about 100 lumens) and it can temporarily blind an attacker. This can be useful for any situation, at home or while traveling. Small size, waterproof, it can be a handy multi-use tool to offer as a gift. 

6. RFID Wallet or Cardholder

As we’ve become more digitized, we have to understand some of the downsides of this change. Our card data can be stolen by people with RFID scanners and RFID wallets have came about as a way to block this. They’re not expensive, they’re lightweight and can be sold with different types of materials (leather, polyester, etc.).

7. Merino wool type clothes

Merino based clothes are usually expensive but very durable and adaptable to different kinds of weather. From our experience, Merino wool clothes are a great addition to anyone’s outdoor or city wardrobe. We’ve used them a lot in our travels to places like Peru and Argentina but also in Ireland, where we live and gets cold in the winter. Be it socks, inner layers, or nice comfy underwear, you can wear them multiple times and they won’t smell. There are some downsides though and one of these is that merino wool clothes tend to be heavier than the synthetic version.

8. Books, books, and more books

We suggested 3 titles last year, you can check here and we have a new list coming up soon, so stay tuned. 

We hope you got some inspiration for what you can offer this Christmas or any of the year really. You can check our list from last year, where we have other suggestions.