"Experience, Travel - these are an education in themselves" - Euripides

Let's Go eat meet & repeat

“Move. As Far as you can. Across the Ocean, or Simply across the River. Walk in Someone Else’s shoes or at Least Eat their Food. Open your mind, Get up Off the couch, Move.”



Travelling is a way to discover something new that hasn’t been yet experienced or seen. Imagine witnessing the ice cracking and falling from massive glaciers, plunging into the water, and echoing in the air as it breaks free. Travelling is a way to get excited about life, to have new experiences, to find ourselves, or in some cases to re-create ourselves. Travel is never a matter of money but of mindset. 

Let’s GO!

Cape Verde
One week in the islands of Cape Verde
Ballinastoe Mountain biking
downhill biking ballinastoe, wicklow
nice, Èze, monaco
nice & monaco for a weekend
Three Days in warm and Sunny Malta

travel tips


Eating and Traveling go hand in hand. Food is a gateway into other cultures. What’s best than to go and enjoy a meal at the little bistros in France, visit the morning markets, enjoy a fresh croissant for breakfast in an ordinary café, or drink a mate that brings back history and culture from forgotten civilizations. Food brings all your senses together to absorb the world and to take risks. When traveling leave your food rules at home. Try the local drinks, share the local food and make new friends. Let’s EAT!

Cachupa, Cape Verde's national dish
Greek Stuffed Vegetables - Gemista
Greek Stuffed Vegetables 
Pasteis de Bacalhau
Peruvian Ceviche
Top Food&Drink Spots to Try in Cuba


Often is the case that is the people that make the travel experience. Meeting new people can make an ordinary meal taste great, a random conversation be special or enlightening. Fun, warmth, good company that is sometimes all you need. These can be caused by happy accidents, when unexpected circumstances lead to a perfect confluence of events, where everything comes together: people, food, landscape and timing. People can make the ugliest, most polluted and chaotic surroundings feel like an oasis.

Meet Marina
Meet Chan; A native Cape Verdian
Meet Chan
Meet Tania & Tatica


You repeat as often as you can or as often as you want. We are citizens of the world, ambassadors of cross-cultural understanding. In the end, you will be asked upon your return: so how was it, did you like it? As we are protagonists of our life story, why not feel it with an original soundtrack of personal favorites from our own emotional history. Stuff that makes us reflect about where we are and how far we’ve come. Some say that most often than not we find more about ourselves through travel, than the places we actually visit.

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